Newborn Safety – behind the images.

This is a very serious post from me this evening but one that I feel you need to know about. You may see on some of the images I post on my Facebook page that I write that the image isn’t quite what it seems and that baby is supported at all times. But of course you wouldn’t really know what that entails so this evening I am going to share a behind the scenes look at how these images are actually created and tell you why they are done this way.

First of all, I can not express enough how important safety is during all of my sessions but even more so for a newborn session. Those tiny little new babies are unable to tell us if they are hot, cold, uncomfortable etc, except maybe with a little cry. My job is not only to capture beautiful memories of these brand new babies but to also read their cues. I will always monitor the temperature in the studio, you may think it is really hot in there but it has to be warm. I often photograph babies naked and they lose heat quickly if the room is not warm enough. You will also see me check little fingers and tiny toes when I have a baby in a pose, why? To make sure baby is comfortable and that circulation is not compromised in anyway. And I never put a baby into a pose if it isn’t happy being posed that way. There are plenty of poses we can do so we will just move on to something else.

So onto the behind the scenes part, what makes the images what they are? A little Photoshop magic.

I will start with one of my all time favourite poses and one that I have on display in the studio. Parents are always amazed at how this image is created and it is a big hit everytime. I call this image: I was once so small.


As you can see in the finished image it looks like baby is being held up by her Daddy but in reality she doesn’t leave the safety of a beanbag with her Daddy just placing his hands around her. This means that baby is safe at all times. I always talk parents through the pose before I start and explain what I am doing as I position them and baby. I also ensure that there is a hand on baby at all times and Dad or Mum doesn’t let go after the image is taken until I am supporting baby again.

The next image is one that I have seen done many times without support. I cannot stress enough how important it is to support a babies head at all times in poses like this. As I am sure any of you who have had a baby will know, babies have a startle reflex meaning that they jump. If a baby is placed in a pose like the one below and it startles it is a real possibility that it may hurt itself. This image is head on hands.


As you can see Mums finger is supporting little ones head in the first image and I have used the magic of Photoshop to edit it away in the finished image. Little ones head is also slightly leaning towards Mums hand. When doing this pose or any pose when baby is laying on his or her front I will constantly check hands and feet to ensure correct circulation.

And now for probably one of the harder situations when photographing newborns, the addition of a sibling or two. Photographing babies with siblings presents a whole host of different safety considerations. Older children are often able to follow instructions and depending on their ages may be able to hold the baby without concerns. However younger children are unpredictable and this must be considered when creating sibling images. So how do I overcome this, well depending on the pose I will either have the children laying down with adults close by to support and observe or I composite images together. Let me show you what I mean.


This finished image is made up of two separate images, one of the newborn baby and one of the two older siblings. The images are blended together in Photoshop to create a final image. Why do I do it this way? Well let’s start with the image of the newborn. As you can see Mum is sat right next to the basket and is supporting the babies head. This means that the baby is supported at all times and Mum can ensure that the basket is secure. (The basket is weighted at the bottom but I always have a parent or helper next to it anyway). Then to the image of the two girls, can you see the beautiful blond hair in the basket? That blond hair belongs to Evie. Evie is a doll that is used in poses like this to encourage interaction with siblings but to ensure the safety of the real baby. Evie started this pose in the basket laying just as the real baby is in the first image. As you can see Evie has moved somewhat and she doesn’t have a startle reflex so Evie was helped a little by the beautiful girls sat next to her. If this image was not done as a composite then Mum would not be able to be right next to baby to support her head and stop the basket from being knocked over. This image would not be a fun and relaxed image for everyone involved because everyone would be on edge, the older girls would be getting told off for touching the baby because Mum would be worried about them waking her and nothing would be in place to stop baby from falling if she startled or the older girls knocking the basket. When it comes to safety it is always best to composite an image rather than risk the safety of a baby. Yes it takes a long time to edit these images but I would rather spend an evening editing one image than risk my little clients being hurt.

There are many other images that are done as composites some of which I will not do as I just don’t like them. Any photographer should be able to explain to you how images they create are done safely and if you feel uneasy about a pose then you have the right to ask the photographer to stop and move on to something else. Also please, please, please do not try the images you see online yourselves. As you see from above, they are not what they seem and you could be putting your baby at risk of a serious injury or even worse.

What makes me an expert? I have been trained in the Art of Newborn Photography by one of the countries leading photographers. I have also undertaken various other courses over the past few years and I have many years of childcare experience as well as various child care qualifications. I am also a Mum to three beautiful boys, I know how precious these babies are and how important it is to keep them safe.

kelly certificate.jpg





Kelly Hermitage is a specialist Newborn Art and Children’s portrait photographer based in Burton Latimer, Near Kettering, Northamptonshire. If you would like to find out more about my sessions please email

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Breastfeeding, my honest experience.

Now before I start on this little blog post I want to make it very clear. I am all for fed is best, be that formula or breast. I really don’t care. A fed baby is a happy baby where ever the milk comes from. There is absolutely no point beating yourself up for using formula if that is what you want to do just because Sheila down the road breastfed all of her children doesn’t mean it is right for everyone.

So now that you know that I am not going to bang on about how amazing I am because I breastfed my babies let me share my journey, my honest (maybe a little too honest) journey.

When I had Charlie almost 7 years ago (gosh where did that time go) I was told that breast is best, give it a go, even if it’s just for a few days to give him the best start. I thought breastfeeding would be easy, after all it’s natural right? surely it can’t be that hard. Oh boy was I naive. Along came this screaming bundle and would he latch on, no of course he wouldn’t. We had to stay in hospital overnight because Charlie wouldn’t feed. I was devastated, how could I not do what was supposed to be the most natural thing in the world? Why could I not feed my baby? I have to say the midwives were amazing and were on hand throughout that night to try to help me. We tried so many different positions but nothing was working, I eventually expressed a tiny amount into a syringe and Charlie was fed. By the time morning came I was exhausted and well and truly fed up. Day one of being a mum and I had failed. I still remember a midwife popping her head in to say good morning, she asked if I was ok and I burst into tears. I wanted to go home, I wanted to be able to feed my baby and be at home with my own stuff and sleep in my own bed. By the time Andy came to visit me I was a mess. After lots of talks with the midwives they let me discharge myself on the condition that if Charlie still didn’t feed at home then I would go back in. As soon as we got home the little monkey latched on and fed. Feeding Charlie was a pain, because of his slow start we had to strip him for every feed so that we were skin to skin. By the time we had stripped him, fed him, changed his nappy, dressed him and settled him to sleep it was time to feed him again. I remember those early days and oh boy were they hard. I was very embarrassed when feeding Charlie, don’t ask me why as I really don’t know. I would never feed him in public, or in front of anyone except Andy for that matter. I didn’t feel comfortable feeding him and honestly didn’t enjoy it one bit. When Charlie was a few months old I was diagnosed with Gallstones. I would get awful attacks, mostly in the evenings and because of this we decided that we would introduce some formula. When the attacks were really bad I was bent over in agony so there was no way I could breastfeed plus if I ended up in hospital I needed to know he could be fed. The formula feeds ended up becoming more and more frequent and the breastfeeding decreased until it eventually stopped altogether, I think Charlie was around 6 months. I was sad when he refused breastfeeding but also relieved that I could stop.

Then 22 months after Charlie was born our second little bundle came into the world. I say little when in reality he was a big 9lb 3ozs. Ollie latched on straight away and fed like a dream, yay go me, I’ve got this. breast feeding pro here. Erm nope. Ollie was a very good feeder don’t get me wrong but Charlie, oh Charlie had other ideas. Charlie was just hitting the terrible twos when Ollie was born and what better time to press all of mummies buttons then when she is trying to feed your little baby brother. Charlie soon realised that if I was feeding Ollie I could not get up to him. Charlie then thought he would practice for a career as a stunt man, I swear that child was trying to kill himself. He would be climbing on the sides, attempting to climb over the sofa, onto the windowsill. You name it and he probably tried it. I was so stressed, I had this baby who actually fed, but my other child was determined to land himself in hospital whenever I sat down to feed. I didn’t know what to do. I remember feeling like a failure for giving up, but I was told that a fed baby is a happy baby and it doesn’t matter how they are fed but if mum is not happy then nobody will be. You have to do what works for you and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. I decided to try expressing so that I could time it around sleep times, mainly so Charlie was in his cot and couldn’t harm himself. I still recall the first time the health visitor came out after I started expressing, I was so scared that she would give me the whole breast is best talk. Thankfully she didn’t, she just warned me that my milk may well dry up if I am exclusively expressing. I managed to express for Ollie until he was 12 weeks old, he then went onto formula.

Fast forward four years, yes, yes, I am mad and started all over again. No I was not trying for a girl. No I will not be going for number four and yes he was definitely planned. (just a few of the usual questions, thought I would pre-answer). Along comes my littlest munchkin Albie aka bug or screech (you would understand that one if you could hear this kid scream). After a worrying last few weeks of pregnancy (that’s another story) and a very quick labour Albie arrived to complete our little family. Albie fed straight away, yay. He then fell asleep and would the monkey feed again, of course he wouldn’t. You see the midwives needed to see him feed twice before we were allowed to go home. We sat and we waited, we waited and we sat, yay he is waking up, no he isn’t grrrr. We were all signed off to go home as soon as he fed. I think he finally fed and we were allowed home at about 2.30am. That is the only time this kid has gone that long without a feed. Now something that I haven’t mentioned before is what the first few days of breast feeding are like. To be honest I think I had maybe pushed it to some dark corner of my mind, locked the door and thrown the key into a sinking ship never to be found again. Hahaha it’s not that bad really (whispers, it really is :-)) I am not going to lie to you, breastfeeding at first is painful. Getting your baby to latch properly in my opinion needs a masters degree. Then your milk comes in and well, who blew up the balloons is probably the best way to describe your new found chest area. They get so full it hurts, if you express then they re-fill and well basically you are telling them to make more so they do and you prolong the pain. But and it is quite a big but (not as big as the boobies but still) it does get better. They will settle in a few days and there are things you can do to help. Hot showers help lots. Cold cabbage leaves are meant to be amazing, I never tried this although I did send poor Andy out late one night to get me a cabbage when I was in pain and ready to scream. And feed, feed, feed. So I braved it through the pain. Got through the waking every two hours as only I could feed. Oh yes and the fidgeting on the edge of the bed to make sure you stay awake while feeding. I was so scared of falling asleep and dropping him. Tiredness zzzzz. I must admit I felt pretty good this time, I have even put on my big girl pants and fed Albie in public. I am very discreet and cover myself where possible. I’m not sure what I would say if anyone said anything to me. Well I do have the whole he is a baby and he needs feeding, it’s natural blah blah blah speech but I’m sure if it actually happened I would probably turn into a blubbering mess and cry like, well, Albie. My plan was to feed Albie until he turned 6 months, well that’s what the health people recommend isn’t it. Hmmm they obviously forgot to tell Albie this little bit of information. Albie is now 8 1/2 months old and I am still feeding him. He will not take a bottle, we have tried a few times, both expressed milk and formula. I have pretty much given up trying now and have re-set my goal to one year, then it’s sorry kid but the humble cow will be taking over. I never made it this far with Charlie and Ollie and I am glad that I persevered with Albie. Don’t get me wrong there are still hard times like when he is teething. He bites AHHHHH, yes that is me screaming and picture tears rolling down my face at the same time. You expect labour to be painful, you wait until your wonderful bundle puts his or her new pin sharp teeth into practice right on your… ouch. They say (the experts) don’t make a fuss, just take them off and tell them no. Yeah ok after I have climbed down from the ceiling from the pain. Thankfully after a few times I have got better at realising that he is going to bite me so I can take him off before he turns into a baby version of Hannibal Lecter. And then there lies the reason behind this post, well the reason that I thought about writing it. Mastitis. As I write this post I am on antibiotics to get rid of my second bout of Mastitis. I never had it with Charlie or Ollie, but this time I have had it twice. Oh joy. Mastitis is horrible, not only does it hurt your boobs or boob but you feel awful. My temperature hit a fantastic 40.1 on Wednesday night, woohoo and my little watchy fit bit type thing informed me that my heart rate was 115bpm during the night eeek. It’s like flu x100 with boob pain that you have to feed through with clenched teeth. The lovely doctor has given me my antibiotics, told me to take paracetamol and rest (yeah right I have three children). I do feel much better today thankfully hence this post. If you do think you have mastitis then do go to the doctors, it really is horrible and the sooner you start treatment the better.

So there it is, my breastfeeding journey to date, I am proud of myself for sticking it out. I love the closeness it has given me especially with Albie (8 1/2 months is a looonnng time). I am glad I have found the courage to feed my baby when we are out rather than panicking and hiding away. Would I do it again, yes I would (I will not be doing it again as I am not having any more babies, yes I am sure, oh 100%). But I stick to my first statement. Breast feeding is not for everyone and that is fine. It hurts, it is uncomfortable and it is really hard work. You and only you can feed your baby, that means every night feed is you, every day feed is you. Your baby needs to be with you all the time at first anyway and that is hard. If that is not right for you then so be it. You have to take care of yourself first and if that means feeding with other ways then that is great, hey your baby is fed right. By the time they are two they eat fluff and lick dogs anyway so does it really matter or maybe that’s just my kids (just kidding).

Right I am off to eat chocolate, oh yeah one of the benefits of breastfeeding is it helps you lose weight or in my case eat chocolate without putting on weight. Yay, pass the dairy milk 🙂

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It’s Competition time :-)

Kelly Hermitage Photography is 3 years old today, wow that has gone by fast. Those three years have been amazing, I have gained so many skills and trained with one of the best newborn photographers in the country, taking my photography from strength to strength. I also achieved more than I ever dreamt possible by being awarded with a number of awards from The Guild of Photographers and also The National Photographic Society. But if it wasn’t for my wonderful clients then I wouldn’t be where I am today. So I would like to say thank you, thank you for choosing me to capture your memories, thank you for standing by me through the past three years and thank you for every like, comment and share that you have given on my Facebook posts. If it wasn’t for you then my business wouldn’t be where it is today.

So how about a little competition?

To be in with the chance of winning a £100 product voucher then all you need to do is find three differences in the images below and email them to me at

A winner will be chosen at random and announced on my Facebook page on Sunday 21st August 2016

Bekonscot town oneBekonscot town two

The rules:

  • Session will take place in Burton Latimer, Northamptonshire, UK so please only enter if you can get to me.
  • The prize is for  one £100 credit which will be deducted from your product order, no change will be given.
  • The £100 credit can be used for a product purchase after any full session. (Maternity, Newborn, Baby or child) Mini sessions are not included.
  • My usual session booking fee will be required to secure your session. Please see my website for more information.
  • Session will be arranged at a time to suit both parties.
  • Closing date for entries is 12pm Sunday 21st August 2016, entries after this time will not be included.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced on my Facebook page.
  • By entering this competition you will be added to my mailing list, from time to time I will send you special offers or upcoming events. If you do not want to be added to the list then please add ‘no mailing’ with your competition entry.



Kelly Hermitage is a specialist newborn and children’s photographer based in Burton Latimer, Kettering, Northamptonshire.

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Amara and Mya

I know, I know, my poor blog has been neglected again but I  do have a few photo sessions to blog about so I will try my best to get all caught up soon.



I  will start though with two beautiful sisters. These gorgeous girls came to me a while ago now and the bond that they have was apparent as soon as they walked into the studio. We had so much fun during this session. and followed instructions perfectly

They were both absolute stars during the session and we got a lovely variety of images for their gallery.



Here are a few of Mums choices from her gallery, I love how these images all work well together and if you know me you will know that I am a big fan of black and white 🙂

BlogBoard-13 Amara and Myawmfb

Kelly Hermitage is a specialist newborn and children’s photographer based in Burton Latimer, Kettering, Northamptonshire.

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The New Studio

As some of you may know we moved to a new house at the end of last year and with that move meant a new studio for me.

I have finally got around to taking some photos of the new studio to share with you all. I still have a few things to do and there is of course plenty of room for new props 🙂 but here it is my brand new space, I hope you love it as much as I do and look forward to welcoming you inside soon. xx

Studio Collage web

Why choose a home studio?

Well….I want to provide a comfortable and relaxed environment for my clients and to me there is nothing more comfortable than being at home. My studio is warm and comfortable with space for you to sit and watch as your little ones pose in front of the camera and I work my magic behind the camera. Tea and coffee is available and sometimes if I have been shopping I may even have biscuits 🙂

I want you to enjoy your photography experience and to do that you need to feel comfortable so please come in, take a seat and relax. X

Kelly Hermitage is a specialist newborn and children’s photographer based in Burton Latimer, Kettering, Northamptonshire.

To find out more about my sessions please visit my website

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You can see some of my latest work on my Facebook Page HERE.


The Photography Experience

Photography has changed a lot over the years, everyone nowadays has a camera and as such everyone in a way is a photographer. Photography is a way to capture a memory, freeze a moment in time in image form. These memories form an important part of our lives. I have albums full of prints from my younger years, my eldest son loves to look through our albums and I have lost count of the number of times that I have told him the names and relationships of the people in there.

So if you can take photos of your loved ones then why would you go to a professional photographer, why would you come to me?

Photography sessions at Kelly Hermitage Photography are not just about your finished product hanging on your wall they are about the feelings that those images provoke and the memories that you have from your photography experience.

I want you to look at your images and smile, not just because those images are of your beautiful little one but because you remember the excitement of reading through your session guide (I send these to you when you book), you remember picking out your colour schemes and filling in your booking form with all the little details that you wanted me to include in your session. I want you to be taken back to the moment you walked into the studio and instantly felt relaxed and then watched as I photographed your precious new baby knowing that they were safe, warm and cared for at all times or smiled with pride as your inquisitive toddler looked at the images I had taken of them on the back of my camera and declared ‘That me’. You will remember the fun you had as we pulled silly faces and blew raspberries to try to make your child smile (I will try everything to make them laugh, I have even been beaten up by a teddy bear.) and how although it took us a long time to get that smile you never once felt rushed. You may even be lucky enough to remember the quiet drive home as your children had fallen asleep from all the excitement. You think about the wait, the moments you spent looking at your walls and imagining your photos hanging there while I carefully edited your images to make them perfect for you, the anticipation you felt as you walked back into the studio and then how that anticipation melted away and you were filled with joy as you saw your images on the screen. You think back to the discussions we had and the mess we made laying sample products on the sides while you decided on the products that would fit perfectly on the blank walls that you had been looking at only a few days before. You remember the excitement of receiving a message from me to say that your order was at the studio and ready for collection, then driving down that day because you couldn’t wait a moment longer. You remember feeling like it was Christmas day as you unwrapped your images, holding them, looking at the detail, tracing your finger over the edge of your little ones face, smiling at the little face looking back at you and then hanging your photos on your walls and standing back to admire them.

I want you to look at the beautiful artwork hanging on your wall and be proud, proud that you chose to capture those early newborn days or the cheeky emerging character of your toddler and proud that you will be able to share those images and these memories with them as they get older.

Photos are a captured memory, a frozen moment in time and I want a memory made with me to make you smile 🙂
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Kelly Hermitage is a Specialist Newborn art and Children’s portrait photographer based in Burton Latimer, Kettering, Northamptonshire. Providing a relaxed and friendly photography experience within a comfortable home studio environment.

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Freddie’s 1st Year

I am a little late with this post as we haven’t had the internet for a while but I have been looking forward to writing this one.

Meet Freddie 🙂

Freddie's 1st year ws

I first met Freddie when he was just 4 days old when he came for his newborn session. He was the perfect model, slept for ages, was very easy to pose and didn’t wee or poo on me (always a bonus 🙂 ) He was such a cutie and I knew he was going to be a little star.

Freddie came back to see me when he was 4 months old. He was now able to hold up his head without support and that meant we could get some beautiful tummy time photos. He was the perfect model yet again and we got a gallery full of beautiful images. One of these images I loved so much that I decided to be brave and enter it into The Guild Of Photographers monthly competition. I was awarded a bronze award and boy was I chuffed. I knew this boy was a star but now he was a little award winner at just 4 months old.

I was over the moon when Freddie’s Mum and Dad agreed to another photo session when Freddie was able to sit unaided, so at 9 months old Freddie was back in the studio. Well the little baby that I had photographed before was now a sitting up, smiling, laughing bundle of character and a gorgeous one at that. He was very tolerant of all the poses we done with him and yet again Mum and Dad were presented with a lovely and very full gallery of images.

That leads me to Freddie’s most recent photo session, his 1 year session. I went into this session feeling bitter-sweet as I have truly loved photographing this little chap and capturing his first year for his Mum and Dad and knowing this was his last session made me sad. We had decided on a cake smash session to mark the big occasion and Mum picked a fantastic cake, a superhero theme for a super little guy. We done some pre cake portraits and of course Freddie was his usual perfect model self. Then came the cake, I don’t think Freddie could believe his luck when we put a big cake in front of him but he got stuck in and made lots of mess. You could see the sugar rush hit him and that was funny for all involved. After Freddie had filled himself with cake we cleaned him up with his tub time, he loved it. There was water everywhere and lots of splashing but that also meant lots more beautiful photos and captured memories.

Collage-16x20 1 year ws

Now comes the soppy part…… Firstly I would like to thank Freddie’s Mum and Dad for choosing Kelly Hermitage Photography to capture his first year, it has been brilliant watching him grow and getting to know you all a little bit. He is a fantastic little boy and that is all down to you.

I would also like to thank Freddie for being such a fabulous model. You have been perfect in every session little man and I will be eternally grateful to you for giving me my first award winning image. I hope that I will see you again in the future 🙂 xx

Hey Mummy and Daddy, you are doing GREAT!

Today was my youngest munchkins 2 1/2 year check (wow, where did those 2 1/2 years go?) The lovely health visitor that came to do the check was fantastic. She listened to everything I had to say and answered all my questions and concerns. Ollie is a very fussy eater and I was worried about his eating habits but Katie (Health visitor) listened and offered ideas and support. She then said something that I don’t think us Mums hear enough. She said….. “You are doing great, he is happy and healthy and doing really well, keep doing what you are doing.”

I think being a Mum is hard, our babies are born and the whole purpose of us as a person changes. Your life is no longer your own and you now have a little person who is completely reliant on you. You are their world, they rely on you for warmth, food, a safe environment and love and boy this can be overwhelming especially in those early months when sleep is non existent and hormones are all over the place. Those beautiful little babies that we dream about throughout pregnancy are born and handed over to us but they do not come with an instruction manual. It is up to us as mothers (and fathers) to do our best for our babies and our best is all we can do.

I have found that being a Mum is a constant battle of happiness and guilt. My children are my world but am I doing the best for them? Do I give them enough time? Am I good enough? Will they be proud to call me their Mum? I watch them play and I see two smart, caring, fun and beautiful little boys. I smile to myself and think they are mine, I made them and they are just perfect. But the guilt is always there and I know from talking to other parents that guilt is a massive part of parenting. The constant fight with ourselves of are we good enough?

Maybe this guilt is not such a bad thing, after all if we feel there is room to improve then we will seek ways to become the best we can be but I think we also need to be aware of what we achieve. My children are fed everyday (even if they don’t eat it grrrr), they have clean clothes, they are warm and dry and they are loved. No I don’t take them to lots of groups and they don’t go out every day but I am trying my best and my best is all I can do. Sometimes though I think we need that reassurance that we are good enough.

So this is to all the Mummies and Daddies out there…. YOU ARE DOING GREAT, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

Also I would like to make you aware that the health visiting team support you and your child until they go off to school so please contact them if you have any concerns or questions. I had taken Ollie to the doctor regarding his fussy eating but left without any help. After speaking to Katie (health visitor) today I have the confidence that I am doing the right thing for my Son and that I have a very helpful support network at the end of the phone. Ollie also liked Katie as she had stickers. Katie if you ever see this thank you for making me feel like I am doing a good job 🙂


A mini session Poem

Christmas is nearly upon us and I am busy planning mini sessions. I couldn’t resist a little poem with a mini session theme. 🙂 Mini session poemfb

If you would like to find out more about my mini sessions then please have a look at my Facebook page where you will find up to date information on availability and how to book. You can find information on my other sessions on my website:

Demi’s 1st year


Last month I welcomed beautiful little Demi into the studio for her last ‘My First Year’ session and to celebrate her first birthday.

b1fbI have had the pleasure of photographing Demi every three months over the past year and even captured a few images of her before she was born when her Mummy and Daddy came to me for a maternity session.

I love having clients return to the studio so that I can watch how the little ones grow and change and seeing Demi every three months has allowed me to capture just how much she has grown in her first year.


Demi came for her newborn session when she was just over one week old and she was a little superstar. We captured lots of beautiful images for her Mummy and Daddy and this is probably one of my favourites, simple and sweet.

Demi’s 3mthsfbnext visit was when she was 3 months old. We got some lovely little smiles during this session but we also got some sleepy shots. This one is one of my favourites from this session. Look at that little face.

6mths2fbDemi was a little pro when she came for her 6 month session, she had lots of smiles to share with me and her little character was shining through in the images we captured of her. Picking a favourite from this session is hard but I love how this image captures a little smile and a baby favourite, playing with feet.

Wow, what a difference. DSC_49188x10fbDemi is now able to sit unaided and she is such a little character. We had lots of smiles during her 9 month session and Demi was the perfect model.


And now we come to Demi’s 1st birthday session and she had a big surprise in store for her Mummy, Daddy and I…..DSC_6778refbDemi stood for the first time unsupported during this session, showing us what a big girl she is and just how much she has changed.

I want to say big thank you to Demi for being such a superstar, you are such a sweet, happy and beautiful little girl and I think an amazing little model 🙂 I would also like to thank Demi’s Mummy and Daddy for allowing me the privilege of capturing the first year of their Daughters life. It has been lovely getting to know you over the year and being a part of watching Demi grow. Hopefully I will see you again soon x