Back to School

bak to school

The uniforms are ironed, the lunches are made and the shoes are lined up by the front door. Today marked the end of another school summer holiday and tomorrow along with many other children my two eldest boys will be heading back to school.

I didn’t think it would affect me, after all I have no new starter this year but as I sit here writing this blog I feel a little sad. Why you may ask, after all the boys drive me crazy most of the time. I have pretty much run out of planned activities and there are only so many more times that I can be told that I am playing cars all wrong and that obviously I can’t park there. But tomorrow marks the start of another school year, they will be another year older this year and another year closer to not being my babies anymore (they will always be babies to me but shhh don’t tell them that.) It is another year closer to waving my eldest off to high school and another year closer to my baby joining his Brothers at school.

Tomorrow when I go to wake them, they will moan because they are tired and I will tell them that they have to go to school and that they will see all their friends so they will be happy when they get there. My heart will however wish that I could just creep in to check on them then head off downstairs with the baby to get on with my chores and wait for them to come down and start another day of play or adventures. I will take the normal 1st day of school photo, we will walk to school talking about what their day may be like and I will kiss them goodbye before they run into their new classrooms. Tomorrow they will be heading off on their own adventures without me and I will wait to hear stories of their new teachers and classrooms and who they sat next to and played with. I will spend the day playing with my youngest who will miss having his brothers around and my mind will probably wander a little, Are they ok? Have they got a friend with them in class? Will they have someone to play with at playtime? I know I will watch the clock until I can pick them up and be relieved when I see them head out of the door.

This summer has been a mix of fun and fights, highs and lows, happiness and sadness but it has been a summer of togetherness. It has been splashing in the water in the Lake District, searching for crabs on the beach in Brancaster, it has been playing with friends and football in the garden as well as lots of other fun things along the way. It has been making memories and capturing them in photos (I will print said photos and put them in an album). It has been me and my boys and as I wave them goodbye tomorrow I will start counting down the days until the next holiday when I will have them home with me again.

I am off to kiss my babies goodnight now.

Kelly x

It’s almost time for school :-)

Only a few more weeks until the schools go back and we start the lunch making and school runs again. I have all the uniform ready, school shoes sourced and my munchkins have each chosen a new lunchbox.

It will soon be time for me to dress them in their school uniforms and take them into the studio to capture this years school photo, it amazes me how much they change in a year and my boys love to look at the differences too.

So this year I have decided to offer Back To School mini sessions so that you can also capture the anticipation of a new school year and the crisp new uniforms (before the knees get scuffed and the shirts get marked.

back to school minis 2fb


Saturday 3rd September.

The perfect way to capture that smart new uniform and the start of the new school year from only £35.

20 minute session
1x 8″x6″ mounted print

20 minute session
1x 8″x6″ mounted print
4x 6″x4″ prints presented in linen card mounts (perfect as gifts)

20 minute session
1x 8″x6″ mounted print
4x 6″x4″ prints presented in linen card mounts (perfect as gifts)
3x Digital images (via download) with print release for you to print as often as you like.

£35 (Class One) booking fee is required at the time of booking, you can upgrade to Class Two or Three at the time of viewing your images.

8″x6″ mounted prints fit into a 10″x8″ frame (not supplied)

Limited availability, please send me a message to book. x