Mud, football and funny farts.

Yep I said funny farts and no I don’t mean funny sounding farts I mean farts being funny. Now if you, like me live in a house full of boys you will probably know what I mean. Farts are apparently hilarious, as are any other bodily functions. Why am I mentioning this you may ask, well, I have had a few conversations in the past and they got me thinking.

Let me show you what I mean. So we will go back to the very first one – Picture the scene, school run, youngest in pushchair, older two walking in front.
Lady: What a cute baby, what is it?
Me: A little boy.
Lady: Aww that’s a shame, three boys.
Me: —— (I didn’t know what to say)
Now I can’t remember what random words came out of my mouth but it definitely wasn’t what I should have said or wanted to say.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago.
Picture the scene, school run, youngest in pushchair eldest in front, middle one dragging along behind obviously being pulled back by some extremely heavy force meaning it was impossible to keep up with me.
Lady: wow he is getting big.
Me: Yes he is nearly two.
Lady: Time for another? You may get a little girl this time.
Me: No, no more for me. I have always wanted three and I have three so I am happy.

Now I’m sure neither of these woman set out to offend, upset or any other bad feeling you can think of but why oh why can it not be ok to have just boys. Yes they often look like they have not seen a bath in weeks 10 minutes after getting out of one. They think farts and poo and bums are funny. They talk to me about football and pokemon (both of which I have no clue about) but my boys are my world and I wouldn’t swap them for anything. My eldest is the sweetest, kindest and most caring child I could wish for, my middle child is the most charming, light-hearted little boy who could lift the mood in a room with his beautiful smile and my youngest at just under 2 years old is so smart, funny and gives the best cuddles ever. None of these characteristics make any difference to the fact that they are boys, it’s just who they are. When I look at my boys I see three healthy, thriving children so I don’t understand why it matters what gender they are. I guess the same thing must be said to mums of just girls as well.

I wish people could just see them as children and see the struggle that some parents go through to hold those precious boys or girls in their arms. I have 6 children but only get to watch three of them grow. My other three children were not meant for this Earth and I never got to hold them or kiss their little faces. I am beyond grateful for the three beautiful boys that I get to tuck in to bed at night and celebrate each milestone with. I don’t care that they are all boys, they are all my boys and I love them more than anything in this world and beyond, they are my universe. X

My World

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