Preparation is the key to success.

Did you know that before we even meet for your session my work has begun? I plan and prepare for your session as soon as you have confirmed your booking. So what do you do then, it can’t be that hard surely? I hear you say.

Well I won’t bore you with the paperwork side otherwise you will be zzzzzzzzz, who likes paperwork anyway.

But the fun starts when I do your session plan, I use all the information that you provide on your booking form to plan the perfect session for you and your family. For those who haven’t had a session with me I will give you a little insight into what a booking form asks. I will ask you to think about colours that you would like included in your session (look at the colours in your home, what will work well and look good on your walls). There is no point in me planning a purple session theme if your home is decorated in orange (unless that is the look you are going for of course). I will also ask you to tell me about your children, what are their names? What are their likes and dislikes? Are they shy? Are there any poses that they will be unable to do (medical reason or just won’t be happy)? Anything you tell me about your children will help me make the session as fun and relaxed for them as possible. By knowing all this information before they arrive means that I can talk to them and relate to them in a way that will help them relax while they are here. I can talk to them about their favourite tv show or plan poses that I know they will be happy doing. The booking form is also your way to let me know what you want from your session and which photos are important to you, do you just want photos of your little one or do you want family photos as well?

So I have your booking form and have read through all the information and I am ready to plan 🙂 I write a list of the poses and set ups that I will be doing and pick out the props and outfits that I will be using (maybe buy a few more to add to my collection just because it would work so well with your chosen colour theme, sssssh).

I have all this set up before you arrive so that your session runs as smoothly as possible. Of course where little ones are involved there may be a need to rethink or change set ups. This is especially true when newborns are around as they have a tendency to poop on things. Therefore I always have a back up plan with a few extra outfits/blankets and a lot of wipes and muzzys just incase.

Hmmm that would lead perfectly to a what happens after your session but that’s another post 🙂

This photo shows perfectly how planning can work, these images were all based on a yellow and brown colour theme for a little boy who can now sit up. Because the colours were used throughout the session the images will work together perfectly as a wall collection as well as individually.


6 Jamiefb
Beautiful Wooden Art Blocks

Kelly Hermitage is a specialist newborn and children’s photographer based in Burton Latimer, Kettering, Northamptonshire.

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