School holiday, It’s gone to Potz.

Not long now until the older little ones break up from school for half term and we have to find something to keep them busy. If like me this is a challenge then read on.

You may have the same thoughts as me when trying to plan activities for the little munchkins. what can we do that they will both enjoy as one is 2 years old and one is 4 years old. It needs to be something that is accessible no matter what the weather and ideally something that doesn’t involve me needing to have two sets of eyes and stretchy arms (think the Mum in The Incredibles) to stop them running off.

Now my two absolutely love anything art related and the messier the better so today we tried our hands at pottery painting. I have also never done pottery painting before so this was a new experience for all of us. We found a fabulous little pottery place called Potz Ceramic Studios in Billing Garden Village, Northamptonshire and jumped in the car for our Arty journey. When we arrived at Billing Garden Village we found that there were plenty of places to park (always a bonus when juggling small children and bags). Billing Garden Village is an interesting place with a variety of stores based in funky little sheds. There is also a garden centre as well as a little shopping centre. Inside the little shopping centre we found Potz Ceramic Studios. We were warmly welcomed through the door and the process was explained to us. We then got to choose what we were going to paint. Ollie who is dinosaur mad chose a dinosaur (of course), Charlie who loves cars chose a bowl (hmm, thinking with his tummy I guess). I had to have a go so I chose a mug 🙂

We took our chosen pieces to our table and the lovely lady (I can’t remember her name, bad me) explained about the paints. She spoke to the boys which is always a good thing with me as so many people talk straight past the little ones to the parents. She made us feel at ease and then left us to our painting. The boys chose the colours they wanted to use and created two stunning pieces of art and most importantly really enjoyed themselves.

pottery painting blog image

I think Ollie would have been there all day if he had his way (luckily the pet store opposite has parrots outside which distracted his attention from an ‘I don’t want to go’ tantrum). Charlie also had a fantastic time and wants to go back again, next time he is going to do a car (his words). The staff were always on hand to help if need be and the atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly, definitely a family friendly place. I also got to meet a fellow photographer as one the the staff is also a photographer (we are everywhere). He photographs weddings so let me know if you are planning on getting married and I will pass on his details.

I would highly recommend Potz Ceramic Studios and will definitely go back again in the near future. Next time I may try something a little more challenging than a mug as they had some fab larger pieces. For now, I just can’t wait for next week when we pick up our finished creations.

You can follow the links above to their webpage or checkout their Facebook Page HERE

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