A personal project…

DSC_5835You may or may not agree, depending on if you are an animal lover or not, but our pets have always been a big part of our family. We have had the privilege of sharing our lives with two beautiful dogs and a fluff ball chinchilla. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to our beautiful Java bean last year which was devastating for us but we can look back on the fabulous memories of her now and smile. She left behind her Sister Jayden who at the age of almost 13 years is ageing a bit now. She still has many puppy traits though and tennis balls are still not and probably never will be safe with her around.

Now I am not a pet photographer, although I would love to be but I think Jayden may not take kindly to lots of furry visitors. I wanted to capture some photos of Jayden in a studio environment (I have lots of photos of her tail as she runs off on outside shoots). I figured trying to keep her still long enough to get an image in an enclosed space would be easier.

Hmmmmm….. We set off up to the studio, Jayden wagging from excitement and me with a handful of treats. The session started well, she is pretty good at sit and stay but then the fun started. Jayden is a smart dog, she picks things up quickly. The fact that she got a treat when I took a photo (I guess the light flashing was her clue) meant that everytime I took a photo she expected a treat and came walking over to me, tail wagging. This resulted in lots of putting her back in place, setting up shot, siiiiittttt, staaaayyy, you get the idea.

However after quite a long session, lots of treats and plenty of exercise on my part I did get the beautiful images that I had hoped for and as a client she was pretty good.


Sometimes as a photographer we are so busy capturing memories for other families that we do not take the time to photograph our own. Now do I attempt the chinchilla? šŸ™‚

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