A personal project…

DSC_5835You may or may not agree, depending on if you are an animal lover or not, but our pets have always been a big part of our family. We have had the privilege of sharing our lives with two beautiful dogs and a fluff ball chinchilla. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to our beautiful Java bean last year which was devastating for us but we can look back on the fabulous memories of her now and smile. She left behind her Sister Jayden who at the age of almost 13 years is ageing a bit now. She still has many puppy traits though and tennis balls are still not and probably never will be safe with her around.

Now I am not a pet photographer, although I would love to be but I think Jayden may not take kindly to lots of furry visitors. I wanted to capture some photos of Jayden in a studio environment (I have lots of photos of her tail as she runs off on outside shoots). I figured trying to keep her still long enough to get an image in an enclosed space would be easier.

Hmmmmm….. We set off up to the studio, Jayden wagging from excitement and me with a handful of treats. The session started well, she is pretty good at sit and stay but then the fun started. Jayden is a smart dog, she picks things up quickly. The fact that she got a treat when I took a photo (I guess the light flashing was her clue) meant that everytime I took a photo she expected a treat and came walking over to me, tail wagging. This resulted in lots of putting her back in place, setting up shot, siiiiittttt, staaaayyy, you get the idea.

However after quite a long session, lots of treats and plenty of exercise on my part I did get the beautiful images that I had hoped for and as a client she was pretty good.


Sometimes as a photographer we are so busy capturing memories for other families that we do not take the time to photograph our own. Now do I attempt the chinchilla? 🙂

Why me or anyone else for that matter?

39fbI have seen a few discussions lately about picking the right photographer for you and your family and this got me thinking. Why would you choose me or any other photographer over all the other photographers around? What do you look for in a photographer? What is the deciding factor when you find the one that you do book? I know there are many things to consider and it can get a little daunting so I hope this little blog post will help in some way to deciding on the right photographer for you.

What’s in a style?

Most photographers will have a style. This could be bright colours or neutral tones, lots of props or simple set ups, lifestyle or posed. You need to decide on the style that you like and one that will fit with your home. Most photographers have a gallery on their website or a social media page containing images from previous sessions. This is a great way to get a feel for a photographers style. If you look at a photographers images and think wow they are beautiful but I don’t think the bright colours they use are for me, move on and and look for a different photographer. If you look at the images and think wow that posing and those colours etc. would look fantastic hanging on the wall in the lounge then move on to point two.

How much?

Pricing is a big part of choosing the right photographer for you as everyone has a budget. Pricing varies so much in this industry so how do you know that you are getting a good deal for your money. Photography is an art and an awful lot of work goes into producing your beautiful images. With this in mind, your photography session should be seen as an investment (after all we are capturing memories that will last a lifetime). When you look at a photographers pricing please remember that you are not only paying for the session but all the work that takes place before and after that session. Hours of preparation and planning, editing and ordering plus all the time spent sending messages to ensure that your experience is a fun and positive one. There are photographers out there for every budget but remember most of the time you get what you pay for. For example if you bought a toaster for £10 would you expect it to be all singing, all dancing? NO. What if you paid £110 for said toaster? Well YES, I would expect it to butter my toast for me and sing a little song at the same time (You get the idea.) Back to photography and my point is go for the best you can afford (save up if possible), invest in your images and cherish them.

Wow stunning images, so what I do with them?

Photography is art and art deserves to be displayed. The amount of products available to show off your images is mind boggling. Wall art, personalised products, digital images etc. etc. There really is a product for everyone but of course photographers can’t offer them all. Most photographers will have a small product list that they offer to their clients. Therefore when you book a photographer make sure you like the products that they offer. There is no point booking a photographer who only offers digital images if you are looking for a beautiful piece of wall art unless you want to print it yourself. Remember most photographers use professional labs that are not available for public use so ordering printed products from them will mean professionally printed products. Talk to the photographer before booking with them and make sure that you will be able to get what you want from your session.

Number one priority.

SAFETY. Above all else safety during the session must come first especially if you are booking a newborn session. Training for newborn photographers is not essential but knowing how to safely pose babies should be top of any photographers list. When you are thinking of booking your session ask the photographer about their experience of posing babies, do they use composite images? Are there any poses they will not do? Etc. I am lucky to have been trained by one of the UK’s top newborn photographers and I am thankful for all the knowledge that she passed on to me. I know there has been a lot of talk online lately about newborn posing so please make sure this is something you check up on before booking.

I get a feeling.

Follow your instincts, book a photographer that you feel a connection with. Are they friendly when you approach them? Do you like the way they interact on social media? Do you like the images you see? Do they have good feedback? Most photographers will be happy to talk you through a session with them so talk to them and see if you get on. A photography session is meant to be a fun experience so picking someone that you get on with is a must.

Happy Searching 🙂

I hope this has helped with your search for the perfect photographer. If you have searched and landed on me then please get in touch to discuss your session with Kelly Hermitage Photography as I am always happy to help. x

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