Say cheeeese.

Today was a little different for me as I became the client, so to speak. This is my eldest munchkins last year at pre-school before he starts big school in September. Today was the day for the pre-school group photo. My youngest also attends the same pre-school so off we set this morning for the little photo session, both in uniform and looking super cute (of course I would think that). Now I know my children are not the easiest children to photograph (believe me I have photographed them enough) and from speaking to my photographer friends I have learnt that there is a condition called photographers child. This is something that develops over time and comes from the fact that they get so used to having a camera pointed at them that normal smiley faces become impossible and in place of a smile comes any silly face they can think of. Any photographer attempting to photograph a photographers child also has to work extra hard to even get said child or in my case children to set foot on the background.

Anyway as I was saying, off we went to pre-school and I was slightly apprehensive as to what I would face. My youngest is only two so I was not really expecting him to play ball and I was fine with that as he will be there next year for the next set of group photos. I did however really want eldest munchkin to co-operate and have a photo with his little friends.

Ahhhhhh, and breathe (sorry had to let that out). So youngest munchkin, after a little coaxing from the lovely photographer, sat himself down and proudly said cheeeeese (ahem did I mention photographers child he he). Eldest munchkin was having none of it at all, no way, not in a million years, not even with the bribe of chocolate and he loves chocolate. The photographer was very calm and was brilliant with him, she tried various tricks and even managed to make him laugh but he did not want to join the little group. We did eventually manage to get him to lay on the background with me sat next to him (yes they will be cutting me out, thankfully) and got an image of him. Phewww.

Now you may wonder where this story is going, well, our little photo session today made me think. I have no idea how many times I apologised to that lovely photographer and as we were leaving I thanked her for being so patient with us. I have had clients in the past do the same to me and at the time I didn’t really understand why as I didn’t see a reason for an apology. I am fully expecting my little clients to not do exactly as they may be asked, being somewhere new with a strange lady pointing a camera at them can be a little daunting. I expect them to take a little while to get used to me and I also expect to have to change my plans sometimes to suit a child’s needs and that is fine. I want my little clients and their parents to have a fun and relaxed session and if that means changing things or taking a little while to just play then I am more than happy to do that.

What is the point of this post? (Sorry I know I have bumbled on as usual) please don’t worry if your child or children do not behave how you would like them to behave, they are children after all and we all know that they have minds of their own and that……. IS JUST FINE.

My munchkins

One of my favourite photos from a recent session with my two munchkins, and yes this was not an easy photo to get. X