Beauty in a tutu

A couple of weeks ago I was joined in the studio by a beautiful little girl. Cleo came to me for a model session and she looked stunning in the props that I had set up for her.

Here are a few of the stunning images that we captured during Cleo’s session.


I love capturing the personality of older children when they visit the studio and this little lady had me in stitches with the cheeky smiles and fantastic expressions that she shared.

Her Mummy also took a little image of me while I was working, it is very strange for me to see a photo of me photographing someone else. Pretty cool though don’t you think?

Ellie Stiley pic

5 things I love about being a photographer….

ToLittle Bearday I was asked a question and that question got me thinking. The question was…. What do you love most about your job?

There were a number of things that jumped into my head so I thought I would write them down and share them with you. So here is my top 5 things that I love about my job.

1 – Capturing memories – Now the purpose of being a photographer is to freeze a moment in time in image format. Those images are memories that are captured and can be shared with many people over many years. My number one reason for loving my job is that I get to create those memories for all of my lovely clients. I feel very proud when clients send me photos of my images displayed in their homes and privileged that they chose me to capture those memories for them.

2 – Baby cuddles –  Who does not love baby cuddles. My job involves meeting and photographing those tiny little newborns and part of photographing newborns is getting them to sleep, that means cuddles. I also get older baby cuddles and they are of course just as cute 🙂

3 – Meeting and greeting – I love meeting clients and getting to know them, I like nothing more than being silly with babies to get those cute smiles or talking dolls or cars with older children to show them that I am okay and not scary.  I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for my clients and I like to make them feel at home in my home studio. Plus it is always nice to have a little chat while you work and I have found out some interesting things from clients in the past.

4 – Working from home – As any of you who have visited will know, I work from a small home studio and this has benefits for you as clients as it is homely and comfortable (I hope), and of course it has many benefits for me. No travel time, a ready supply of snacks (ooops) and it also means that I have lots more time with my own children.

5 – No shoes – This might sound like a silly one to you but I never wear shoes at home, I love nothing more than walking around in my socks or slippers. So what better job than one where you do not need to wear shoes. This isn’t just for my sake as it is also better for my clients, well at least the little ones. We all know that babies put things in their mouths and crawl around the floor so no shoes in the studio means no nasty things for little ones to eat.

I could have written a book of these but it is getting late and I don’t want to send you to sleep, well not unless this is being read to one of my younger clients as a way of getting you to sleep.DSC_3410gc

My job is more than a job to me and I love it x