My Little Munchkin

So how many people have made new year resolutions this year? How many of you have stuck to them? I have made a few, the usual eat healthier, lose weight etc. but I have also promised that I will take more photos of my own children. Sometimes as a photographer you are so busy taking photos of all the little ones that come to visit you that you don’t schedule time to capture memories of the ones that are with you every day, your own little ones. With that in mind, I set aside some time this morning to take my youngest munchkin into the studio for a mini session. Now this little guy has been my model from the day he was born and he does know how to work the camera, but he is a toddler and we all know toddlers. If he doesn’t want to do something then he won’t and he is into everything. To a toddler a camera looks like the best toy ever and studio lights well after today maybe I should rename him my little moth.

DiscoveryI did however get some really nice photos of him as he investigated some simple wooden balls and this is probably my favourite of the session, I love images that capture the innocence and inquisitiveness of children and with toddlers, there are so many things for them to discover.

As I look at the images from today and compare them to the images of the very first day that I held him in my arms, I am thankful that I have the opportunity to capture these beautiful images of my own children. I also feel extremely privileged that my clients choose me to capture precious images of their little ones. Memories are precious and a photo enables us to capture a second in time that can hold so many memories and emotions.

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